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Regenerative Medicine Solutions to Chronic Back and Neck Pain 

February 21, 2018
Chronic back and neck pain can be debilitating. A recent study by the  National Institute of Health Statistics indicated that low back pain was the most common type of pain experienced by Americans (27%), followed by severe headache or migraine pain (15%), neck pain (15%) and facial ache or pain (4%). For many, the thought of living a life free of pain no longer exists. They either believe their pain can't be fixed or they are afraid of surgery so they allow the pain to continue untreated. What many people don't realize is that there is a non-surgical solution to chronic neck and back pain.

4 Ways Severe Neck and Back Pain Affects Your Life

October 25, 2017

The American Chiropractors Association estimates that up to 31 million Americans experience issues with neck and back pain each year. Between over-the-counter measures and even the best insurances offering only short-term treatments, sufferers of neck and back pain often go years before reaching a breaking point and seeking new solutions. We talked to Don, a resident of Orlando, Florida, about his experiences with neck and back pain.

Get Back to Work Faster with Deuk Laser Disc Repair

September 28, 2017

Don't Settle for a Life of Pain

July 20, 2017

Back and neck pain are the most common sources of chronic pain in the world, yet people choose to live with this pain instead of taking care of it. Some don't want to spend the time getting it looked at while others just chalk it up to old age. No matter what you believe the cause of your chronic back or neck pain is, you should always seek a pain free life and never settle for less.

Top 5 Reasons for Your Neck and Back Pain

July 10, 2017

It creaks in the night. It stops you dead in your tracks. You can't leave home because it is out there, waiting for you.  It will take you in the night when you make your next strenuous move. Your fear of recurring back or neck pain has left you a recluse, shut away, unable to interact with society.

The Ten Most Common Causes of Back and Neck Pain

June 06, 2017

Back and neck pain constitute some of the most common reasons for disability, missed work, and downright miserable days and nights for millions of Americans. Fortunately, the medical industry has made great strides in treating many of the problems associated with a bad back or a literal pain in the neck. Consider the following list of the ten most common causes of back and neck pain to gain a better understanding of how these things can happen to anyone, anytime, and potentially avoid them whenever possible.

Can the Right Pillow Reduce Neck Pain?

January 23, 2017

According to the Harvard Medical School, the answer to this question is yes; the right pillow can reduce neck pain. While you might not be able to control other factors, such as age-related wear and tear, sleeping with the right pillow can help reduce your neck pain.

Acute vs. Chronic Neck Pain: What's the Difference?

December 05, 2016

You know the sudden pain when you burn your finger on a hot pot, hit your thumb with a hammer or even suffer a paper cut? The pain that you immediately feel when you injure yourself is normal, expected and important. Acute pain is sudden and can be considered as your body’s way of alerting you that something is wrong. It makes you stop for a moment, realize what you are doing and prevents you from continuing with the action that caused you pain. However, when you experience pain on a continual basis, such as chronic pain in your neck, this is not normal.

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