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5 Tips To Prevent Back Pain while Christmas Shopping

Avoiding Back Pain While Christmas Shopping

Everyone's favorite time of the year has arrived and you just can’t push it off any longer! That’s right; it’s time to hit the stores.  So many people dread the hustle and bustle of fighting the crowds during the holiday season, but always seem to muster up the strength to get it done for the sake of their loved ones. If your least favorite part of the holidays is shopping due to your neck or back pain, here are a few tips to help out this season.

  1. Squat, instead of bending and twisting at the waist. Squat when reaching items on lower shelves or putting items into your trunk. Spread your legs apart, stand as close to the object as possible, bend at your knees, and do not bend forward.  This will prevent additional injuries, and reduce the stress on your spine while you are out and about.
  1. Don’t carry heavy bags into the store with you. Grab your wallet and keys and keep the load light. Most malls have strollers you can rent, use them to haul your purchased items. It’s also better to have several smaller bags than one large heavier bag to distribute the weight evenly. You can also make several trips to the car to avoid heavy stress on your back or, consider bringing a friend or family member to help carry your purchases.
  1. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Avoid tight clothes and high heeled shoes to ensure proper posture and better balance. Shoes with a rubber sole and good arch support makes for a more comfortable day on your feet.
  1. Shop during slow hours. This strategy allows more room, less stress on your back, and more assistance from store personnel. This time-frame also decreases the likelihood of people bumping into you, causing aches and pains.
  1. Use the gift wrapping services that are available in department stores or sponsored by local schools at the malls during the holidays. Utilizing this service prevents you from bending over gifts all night, aggravating your existing neck and back problems.

Don’t let your neck or back pain stop you from enjoying the holidays. Lower back pain and neck pain are the most common culprits that prevent people from enjoying life. Some people suffer for days, months, and years with no resolve. Have you been looking for a team of expert physicians in treating neck and back pain?

Deuk Spine Institute is the world leader in safe, highly effective, minimally invasive spine treatment. Contact us now, for a free consultation or a free MRI review to find out how we can help you get the pain relief that you deserve.


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