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Understanding Your Back Pain

Understanding What Causes Your Back Pain

Understanding Your Back Pain

We all know someone who is suffering from chronic back pain. Sport injuries, car accidents, lifting accidents, and poor posture are all common reason why people have back pain. Back pain can come from a variety of sources ranging from the discs in our back to the muscles in our legs. Back pain can be debilitating and prevent you from performing your daily activities. Preventative care can help ease back problems before they arise. A popular term used among athletes is ‘pre-hab’ which means to do rehab before an injury even starts. People with knee problems do constant strengthening and stretching to avoid a significant injury so they are ‘preemptive’ in their rehabilitation by doing these movements. The same concept can be applied to the back. While the back may be where the pain is felt, it may not necessarily be the source of pain.

Other sources of pain that can cause back pain include but are not limited to….

  • Buttock muscles including the Piriformis or gluteal muscles
  • Hip pain due to arthritis or other hip issues
  • A herniated or torn disc
  • Curvature of the spine or discs slipping
  • Weak back muscles that can spasm or be prone to injury
  • Many other factors or a combination of factors.

If you have chronic or acute back pain, seeing a specialist like Dr. Ara Deukmedjian, Dr. Bharat Patel, or our team of physicians will help you determine the source of your pain and get you the pain relief that you deserve. 

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