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Federal Judge Rules Against Insurance Giant For Putting Profits Above Patient Health



In what has been described as a landmark ruling, a federal judge in Northern California has ruled against a subsidiary of insurance giant UnitedHealthcare for creating internal policies that discriminated against those seeking mental health and substance abuse treatments. 

The lawsuit was a class action suit brought by over 50,000 people who had been denied coverage by United Behavioral Health, who was found to have violated federal law and laws in several states. Analysts and legal observers have hailed the ruling as a potential landmark decision and one of the largest rulings against an insurance company. 

"Unreasonable and an abuse of discretion." were just some of the words that US Chief Magistrate Judge Joseph Spero used to describe the company's guidelines in his 106-page decision against the insurer.

We believe this ruling is an important step towards ensuring that health insurance companies are held accountable for facilitating the care and treatments that their customers so desperately need. Whether a patient is suffering from mental health issues, or chronic neck and back pain that makes daily life a challenge, it is our belief that everyone should have access to the physicians and care that they need.

For more information on this historic case, you can read a full write-up here, and if you are suffering from neck and back pain, we encourage you to sign up for our free MRI review, or give us a call at (321) 255-6670 and start your journey towards a pain free life.

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