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Tiger Woods' Return From Back Surgery

March 14, 2018

Playing golf can put a lot of strain on your spine. However, if you have an existing back or neck condition, the pain can often become unbearable and prevent you from playing the game you love. Pro golfer Tiger Woods is living proof that outpatient spinal fusion can stop your pain and allow you to keep playing.

Here are our Top 5 New Year's Resolutions to Reduce Back Pain

December 19, 2017


Is Laser Spine Surgery Safe?

April 03, 2017

Until recently, people suffering from back pain that required surgical intervention usually had to go through an invasive procedure that involved drilling into the source of pain, which negatively affected large amounts of bone and tissue around the problem area. Therefore, this procedure is usually followed by a lengthy hospital stay and recovery period, which translates to significant time missed from work, family, and other activities.


How Laser Surgery Changed Rob Gronkowsk's Life

March 27, 2017

Rob Gronkowski, aka “Gronk,” is no stranger to injury: So far in his professional career, Gronk has suffered two broken forearms (the same one twice), a torn ACL, and two separate back injuries, as well as a variety of other contusions, pulled muscles, and all the not-so-normal aches and pains associated with playing professional football. It’s also worth noting that all this has happened in just a six-year NFL career thus far.

Why Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Has a Shorter Recovery Time

December 26, 2016


We are often asked, “How long is the recovery period for laser spine surgery?” One of the greatest benefits of laser spine surgery is that it has a shorter recovery time than other more traditional types of back surgery.

Ten Questions to Ask Your Laser Spine Surgeon

December 12, 2016

The idea of having spine surgery can be very disconcerting. As a candidate for laser spine surgery, you might have fewer worries than with traditional open back surgery, but you will still have some questions before your procedure.

5 Things to Know About Recovery From Laser Spine Surgery

November 14, 2016

One of the major reasons patients choose laser spine surgery is because it offers a faster recovery time than traditional open back surgery. However, you must keep in mind that it is indeed surgery and there are certain things that you should know about the recovery process.

What is Spinal Degenerative Disease and How is it Treated?

November 07, 2016

If you’ve been told that the back or neck pain that you are experiencing is from spinal degenerative disease, you might be initially confused because the term can refer to one of several conditions that affect the spine. The conditions that fall under the category of spinal degenerative disease may be caused by normal wear and tear that is associated with aging. However, some patients might experience premature wear and tear because of activities that have put more strain on their backs or necks.

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