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I Have My MRI Report but What Does It Mean?

January 04, 2018


If you are injured or develop pain in your back, neck or joints, your primary care physician, the ER physician at a hospital, or an urgent care doctor may recommend you have an MRI. About 30,000 MRI scans are performed every year, many of those of the back, neck and joints. At Deuk Spine Institute, we're able to perform MRI scans right here in our facility.

Here are our Top 5 New Year's Resolutions to Reduce Back Pain

December 19, 2017


Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

December 04, 2017

The world of spine care is vast and complex, leading patients down many different paths, each dependent on a mixture of the physician and patient’s preferences. Because of how varied this landscape is, we run into patients who tell us horror stories of past experiences at other spine clinics. Failed Back Surgery Syndrome or FBSS,  leaves patients in more pain and depression than before surgery and unfortunately has occured in about twenty percent of the patients we see in clinic.  Whether the wrong surgery has been performed, adjacent segment disease has taken place, or the surgeon has failed to address specific issues, patients shoulder a tremendous load mentally, emotionally and physically. We want to ease that load. We want to be a patient's beacon of hope that says life can and will get better.

Solutions for Coal Miners Seeking Lower Back Pain Relief

November 15, 2017


4 Ways Severe Neck and Back Pain Affects Your Life

October 25, 2017

The American Chiropractors Association estimates that up to 31 million Americans experience issues with neck and back pain each year. Between over-the-counter measures and even the best insurances offering only short-term treatments, sufferers of neck and back pain often go years before reaching a breaking point and seeking new solutions. We talked to Don, a resident of Orlando, Florida, about his experiences with neck and back pain.

Top 5 Tips to Stay Healthy

October 05, 2017

As we welcome our new primary care physician, Trevan Rankin, to Deuk Spine and Viera Health and Wellness we are releasing this small guide to help you stay healthy this flu season.

Get Back to Work Faster with Deuk Laser Disc Repair

September 28, 2017

How Posture Affects Your Spinal Health

September 21, 2017

"Sit up straight" something we have all heard at least once in our life, but how important could this little piece of advice really be? Very. The positioning of your spine is an extremely influential factor when it comes to the health of your neck and back. Poor posture can create abnormal spine alignment and result in years of problems.

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