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What is Endoscopic Laser Spine Surgery?

October 17, 2016

Endoscopic laser spine surgery is a minimally invasive procedure to treat injuries and disorders of the spine. Using an endoscope that is inserted through a small incision, a surgeon is able to view the affected area of the spine on a television screen within the operating room. Additional small incisions are made to accommodate micro-instruments that are used to make the needed repairs to the spine. This method of surgery eliminates the need for large incisions that require stitches or surgical staples and take a long time to heal.

Laser Spine Surgery Recovery Times and Tips

October 10, 2016

It is common to have questions about the expected recovery time for laser spine surgery. Many patients say that they feel great immediately after laser spine surgery. While you may not feel the pain you had previously, you still need a period of recovery to allow your body to heal properly.  It is important to follow your doctor’s instructions during laser spine surgery recovery to avoid reinjury or other complications. 

Best Core Strengthening Exercises for Lower Back Pain

October 03, 2016

Strengthening your core with exercise can prevent injuries that cause lower back pain from occurring. However, did you know that some of these exercises could also help heal and relieve your lower back pain? Having a strong core helps support the weight of your body and helps protect both your neck and back from having to pick up the slack if your core is weak. The muscles that are targeted in core strengthening exercises are located in your abdominal, back, and gluteal areas.

Don’t Let the Pain Prevent You From Playing!

September 26, 2016

Playing golf can put a lot of strain on your spine. However, if you have an existing back or neck condition, the pain can often become unbearable and prevent you from playing the game you love. This does not have to happen to you. Pro golfer Marco Dawson is living proof that laser spine surgery can stop your pain and allow you to keep playing.

Stop the Pain. Begin the Adventure.

September 19, 2016

As a joke, we often refer to someone or something that is annoying as a “pain in the neck.” However, it is no joke if you are really suffering from chronic neck pain. It can prevent you from participating in activities you enjoy and affect your normal daily routine. However, you can stop the pain and perhaps find a new adventure in life just like Ronald, Susan, and Tracy have.

Is Back Pain Ruining Your Retirement?

September 12, 2016

You have worked hard all your life. Now that you are retired, you have more time to devote to the activities you enjoy like golf, traveling or just keeping up with your grandkids. If you are experiencing lower back pain, you might not be enjoying your retirement as much as you had expected. Chronic back pain may hinder your ability to do the things you want to do.

You Don’t Have to Live in Pain

September 06, 2016

You live life as an adventure. Going through life with chronic neck or back pain can really take a toll on a person. When the pain starts affecting your outlook on life because you are sidelined from the activities you enjoy, it's time to get your life back.

Get Your Adventure Back - Success With Laser Spine Surgery

August 29, 2016

You have worked hard all your life and have finally reached the stage where you can relax a bit and enjoy the activities you love to do. However, if chronic back or neck pain has robbed you of the enjoyment of being able to do those things, it is time to do something about it and get your adventure back. Laser spine surgery can be the answer you are looking for that will allow you to return your normal activities without the risks of going through a major surgical procedure and the lengthy recovery period that goes along with it.

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