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Deuk Laser Disc Repair For Professional Athletes

July 25, 2016

Arthroscopic Spine Surgery is now available for professional athletes with herniated or bulging discs. Deuk Laser Disc Repair is a minimally invasive (1/4 inch incision) fully arthroscopic surgery for curing back and neck pain coming from damaged spinal disc(s) or spinal stenosis. Deuk Laser Disc Repair has a peer reviewed and published average pain relief of 95% with no surgical complications to date. Results are available here.

Top Tips for Preparing for Laser Spine Surgery

July 18, 2016

If non-surgical options haven’t provided you with relief from your neck or back pain, your doctor may recommend laser spine surgery as your best option to return to normal function. While laser spine surgery is less-invasive than conventional spine surgery, there are still certain preparations that you will need to go through before your surgery. Most importantly, you should discuss your options with your surgeon and ask questions about what you can expect during and after your surgery and what your expected outcome will be.

Laser Spine Surgery vs Spinal Fusion Surgery: What's the Difference?

July 11, 2016

It’s unsettling when your doctor has just informed you that you will need open spine fusion surgery to alleviate your back pain and allow you to return to your normal activities. Spinal fusion is considered one of the most invasive of all spine surgeries. It will entail permanently attaching hardware to your spine to stabilize its damaged areas. What you might not be aware of at first is that the same stabilizing results may be achieved through minimally invasive laser spine surgery.

A Definitive Guide To Laser Spine Surgery

July 05, 2016

Patients with painful spine conditions may now be candidates for laser spine surgery. Using minimally invasive techniques, surgeons can perform several different types of surgical procedures that allow patients to take advantage of faster recovery times, less pain and reduced blood loss.

The Spine and Lower Back Pain

June 27, 2016

back-strain.pngPain in the lumbar or lower back area can be caused by numerous reasons that stem from the lumbar spine. Problems with nerves, discs, bones, muscles or tendons in the lumbar area are generally culprits for causing lower back pain or pain that may radiate to other parts of the body. The level of pain can vary greatly from a minor dull ache to a pain that is so excruciating that even the slightest movement will bring you to your knees.

4 Common Causes of Neck Pain

June 20, 2016

If you suffer from neck pain, you already know how it can be a real pain in the neck. It can interfere with your daily activities. Your neck may feel stiff and you may have difficulties moving it. If you feel tingling, numbness or weakness down your arm or into your hand, it is possible that your nerves are compressed because of swelling or an injury. There are numerous reasons for neck pain; the trick is determining what is causing your pain and finding solutions to relieve your pain.

10 Facts to Know About Laser Spine Surgery

June 13, 2016

Have you been recommended to look into getting spine surgery for your neck or back pain? Like most patients, it is only natural to be concerned or even a little afraid of having to have surgery on your spine. You may have pursued many different therapies to avoid surgery for as long as you could, but now your only option for relief is surgery.

7 Risk Factors For Lower Back Pain

June 06, 2016

Lower back pain can happen to anyone at any time regardless of age, level of activity or the type of work you do. The biggest risk factor for experiencing back pain is having a previous back injury that causes you to have chronic pain. However, there are certain risk factors that may make you more prone to experiencing this type of pain. Being aware of these factors could help you avoid some instances of lower back pain.

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