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Tips To Prevent Back And Neck Pain: Stay Pain Free For The Holidays

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Tips To Prevent Back And Neck Pain: Stay Pain Free For The Holidays

Chronic back pain and neck pain can keep you from enjoying quality time with your family and friends, and can cause you to lose out on the most precious moments in life with your loved ones. The tips below are a few guidelines that can help you stay pain free and help prevent back and/or neck pain when practiced regularly.

  1. The lower back is used in almost every movement you make. You may not realize it, but getting up from a chair with proper form can reduce chronic back pain. When standing up from sitting in a chair, scoot your glutes to the edge of the chair, then stand from that point. Do this instead of standing up from against the back support of the chair. Give this a try, and you might notice a difference in your lower back activity and you will also notice you are not bending forward when standing.
  1. Exercise is vital for the body’s health. It takes effort but is amazing for the back.
    1. Walking at a fast pace regularly a few times a week can significantly recondition hip and leg muscle groups, reducing stress on the lower back.
    2. Stretching, yoga, or pool exercises are excellent. When done properly, these exercises increase strength around the lower spine muscles, relieving pressure from the spine and reducing inflammation in the joints.
    3. Core strengthening has fantastic results on alleviating lower back pain. Improving core activity and increasing your strength, supports the weight of the torso and relieves the impact on the lower back. Overtime, this will reduce inflammation of joints in the spine and relieve lower back pain.
  1. Having a supportive mattress to sleep on is important, but the neck also requires a supporting pillow. Using a pillow to elevate the neck slightly keeps the neck pain at bay. A pillow supports the weight of the head while retaining spine curve our bodies are meant to have. An extremely fluffy pillow is excessive and a flat pillow provides no support. A happy medium for elevation is best.
    1. Stomach sleepers- Avoid this position to prevent or reduce lower back pain
    2. Back sleepers- Place a pillow under your knees to support the natural curve of your spine
    3. Side Sleepers- Place a pillow between your knees to relieve joint pressure and back pain
  1. Try to include inti-inflammatory foods on your holiday menu. Green leafy vegetables, wild-caught salmon, blueberries, chia Seeds, flaxseeds, tumeric, nuts, garlic, avocado, and most foods high in fiber all aid in reducing inflammation, and reducing your pain symptoms.

Preventing back pain is a combination of making healthy decisions and performing safe movements. Keep these guidelines in practice and live a back pain free life.  Lower back pain and neck pain are the most common culprits that prevent people from enjoying life. Some people suffer for days, months, and years with no resolution. If you have been looking for a team of expert physicians in treating neck and back pain? Deuk Spine Institute is the world leader in safe, highly effective, minimally invasive spine treatment including the Deuk Laser Disc Repair. Contact us now, for a free consultation or a free MRI review to find out how we can help you get the pain relief that you deserve.



Written by Lance Buchness

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