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Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

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The world of spine care is vast and complex, leading patients down many different paths, each dependent on a mixture of the physician and patient’s preferences. Because of how varied this landscape is, we run into patients who tell us horror stories of past experiences at other spine clinics. Failed Back Surgery Syndrome or FBSS,  leaves patients in more pain and depression than before surgery and unfortunately has occured in about twenty percent of the patients we see in clinic.  Whether the wrong surgery has been performed, adjacent segment disease has taken place, or the surgeon has failed to address specific issues, patients shoulder a tremendous load mentally, emotionally and physically. We want to ease that load. We want to be a patient's beacon of hope that says life can and will get better.

In trying to make patients’ lives better, we must remember that just because another surgeon performed an unsuccessful surgery, not all surgeons are created equal. We know that the situation is disheartening, inconvenient and downright taxing. Patients who come to Deuk Spine Institute can be fixed, regardless of having undergone unsuccessful spine surgery at another clinic and other surgeons refusing to do a revision surgery as they "Do not fix other surgeon's mistakes". Dr. Deukmedjian is one of the few doctors that will fix other surgeon's failed back surgeries. Patient's who have had failed back surgery with another surgeon experience a 92% Success Rate with Dr. Deukmedjian. 

Patients need options and no matter what, the guarantee that their care is the best available. Our goal is to educate patients and provide that relief they deserve.

One of the most common traits patients suffering from a failed back surgery have is the willingness to trust. Those patients have been trusting and depending on the knowledge and skill of their physicians to perform at the highest level possible. That alone makes it easy to see why a failed surgery may shake a patient’s trust or belief in treatment.

We Earn Your Trust

At Deuk Spine Institute, we care about that trust. We strive each day to earn the trust of every single one of our patients, not just because we want it but because of the invaluable mutual respect that comes with it. In order to gain that trust and respect, we must show our patients why our procedures are the best available and prove that our doctors performing them are second to none. It is a part of our mission and we are ready to help you!

If you would like Deuk Spine Institute to contact you regarding treatment of a failed back or neck surgery, contact us online or by phone to request more information. We are here for you and want you to know that there is hope and relief, it just takes making the first step.

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