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4 Ways Severe Neck and Back Pain Affects Your Life


The American Chiropractors Association estimates that up to 31 million Americans experience issues with neck and back pain each year. Between over-the-counter measures and even the best insurances offering only short-term treatments, sufferers of neck and back pain often go years before reaching a breaking point and seeking new solutions. We talked to Don, a resident of Orlando, Florida, about his experiences with neck and back pain.

Can Be Invisible
Don first started noticing his back pain in the office. At first he ignored it as a part of the daily grind, but soon found himself shifting and twisting.

“People notice at first, that you’re not comfortable,” Don says, “coworkers notice, your family notices. You get a lot of sympathy early on when it still isn’t much of a problem.”

As months passed and it began harming his life more and more, Don says that sympathy waned.

“It’s not that people don’t care,” Don says, “But, you know, it just becomes ‘Oh, Don is in pain again today,’ they don’t feel it, it just becomes background noise.”

Without an open wound or visible scars, Don’s pain went unnoticed in day-to-day life.

Hobbies Are Lost
For Don, Orlando is all about outdoor living. Kayaking, water skiing, running and biking in Orlando and the surrounding area was a large part of Don’s life, and for Don, not being able to participate in these activities due to debilitating neck and back pain was keeping him from everything that encouraged him to move to Orlando in the first place. Don stopped feeling like a resident of Orlando and started feeling like a prisoner of his own home

Family Life Changes
Don is the father of three children, but soon found that spending time with them was becoming difficult.

“They run. A lot,” he says.

This left Don’s wife to do most of the heavy lifting and put Don on the sidelines.

“She was beginning to worry I wouldn’t be able to react in time if something happened to the kids,” Don says, “It became a safety issue. Instead of me watching the kids, it became my own kids babysitting me.

Don felt the burden on his career and as a father, so he began seeking treatment, but …

Finding the Cause of Neck and Back Pain Can Take Years

Don says he tried everything and went everywhere.

“I’ve been to almost every doctor in Orlando,” he laughs. He says his insurance company kept referring him to new doctors­­ offering the same treatments.

“I was spending a lot of time on the Internet, finding people with neck and back pain like mine, and we were all having the same problems.”

Don says many people like him, even those with excellent insurance, were unable to find the care they needed.

“We’d talk in the waiting rooms, and everyone had similar stories.”

That’s when Don started looking outside Orlando.


Relief from the Pain

After almost three years of regular neck and back pain, Don found hope just thirty minutes away at Deuk Spine Institute in Melbourne, Florida. After an evaluation and new MRI, Dr. Deukmedjian recommended Deuk Laser Disc Repair. At first, Don was unsure of how to cover the costs.

“The insurance company pushed back, but the staff at the center pushed back harder,” Don says.

Don felt an immediate change.

“It was nothing short of incredible. It’s crazy that this procedure and facility is available to Orlando residents and is just a short drive away.”


Regardless of where you live, Deuk Spine Institute is your one stop facility for neck and back pain treatment. Call us today and start your journey to a pain free tomorrow: 321-751-3389
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